cocktails, Gin, promotional video

What have we been up to recently?  Why, jumping on the roof of a lovely hotel (The G&V) in Edinburgh, in order to film a Daffy’s Gin serve with the bees!  Still buzzing from it…

We also managed to hop behind the hotel’s lovely Epicurean bar to get a serve of the signature Daffy’s Gin serve, The D&T.  Both videos shot with Lindsay Blair, the global Daffy’s Gin brand ambassador.

Get your ingredients at the ready!


Emporia Signature Serves

cocktails, explore rum, promotional video

Here is something to make you thirsty: a sneak peek at our recent work undertaken with Emporia Brands, a UK company specialising in the development and distribution of boutique spirit brands from all around the world.  Each brand has been paired with a signature serve, which the videos will show how to make in great detail.  Shot at Reekie Tiki, Edinburgh with Sam Baxendale as the barman. Cheers!